Chart Your Course E-Book & Video Bundle

Are you just starting? Bundle the E-book with the weekly videos for the complete experience. 

Bundles include:

  1. Chart Your Course: 52 Weekly Journaling Challenges from Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin provides consistent, step-by-step actions guiding you to building an improved life. Each week highlights a thought-provoking idea along with an appropriate Biblical citation and specific challenge. 
  2. Weekly bonus video content to go along with the book Chart Your Course. This content is hosted on our We Happy Warriors platform for easy streaming and access worldwide.

Paperback option with video bundle available for purchase here

Journal details:

These 52 weekly journaling challenges provide consistent, step-by-step actions guiding you to building an improved life. A few minutes a day add up to a new you!

  • We provide a weekly challenge, Bible reference and inspiration.
  • Track your thoughts, actions and progress throughout the week.
  • Relish your personal growth as you move through the year.

Video details: 

Do you sometimes determine, with the best of intentions, to improve an aspect of your life but your inspiration flags a bit down the road? We thought so. These videos originated to help us (Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin) journal more consistently and hold ourselves accountable in following the steps laid out in Chart Your Course. Each week, we introduce an approach to the week’s theme, giving ourselves a booster shot of motivation. We would love for you to join us and hope that you will add your own insights, experiences and challenges in the comment section under each video. Let’s do this together! 

What is Chart Your Course?

Your goal may be to become a better spouse, parent or friend. It may be to attain a specific skill, increase your income or become more involved in your community’s affairs. Perhaps you want to live a healthier lifestyle or spend regular time in Bible study. Wanting to do more and to become more is a yearning that good people share. Yet, we all know the feeling of looking back at the end of a year, disappointed that we seem rather the same as we did a year earlier.

This journal is meant to be a record of achievement. That will, at times, include recognizing and charting failures. Journaling encourages you to write down your accomplishments and what you could have done better. While you can keep your notes electronically, writing by hand has a proven effect on the brain.

Look for patterns. What activities and thoughts help you succeed and which serve as obstacles in your way? Use the sayings and questions we provide as a jumping-off point for analyzing your day. You may find it helpful to scan the week’s saying and the daily challenge/question on the first morning of each week. Each day or week on its own provides a snapshot of your progress. At the year’s conclusion, the entire journal will read like a video of your year. Over the course of the year, spending time each day reviewing your actions and thoughts in writing, will reveal a steady march to a better you.

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The Gathering Storm:
Decoding the Secrets of Noah

Equip yourself and your family to thrive, not just survive. Beginning with the verses that list the ten generations between Adam and Noah that are so frequently skipped over, and following the tale through Noah's building of the ark, you will be amazed to discover practical life lessons that you can apply immediately.

In "The Gathering Storm: Decoding the Secrets of Noah," Rabbi Daniel Lapin will astound you with a traditional Jewish analysis of the events leading up to the Flood.

Watching this 2+ hour video course will give you insight into human behavior that will allow you to ensure that your faith, family and fortune thrive no matter how stormy it gets outside.


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