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The Book of Ruth: Chorus of Connection

The Book of Ruth presents a compelling story of love, family and redemption. Rather than being a story from the past, Ruth is a roadmap for the present. A 12-session program, it contains messages for our times describing how to build a successful society and how individuals best flourish.


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Scrolling through Scripture Genesis Bundle Unit 1 & 2

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin teaches the Hebrew Bible verse by verse, revealing life transforming secrets of ancient Jewish wisdom found in the Torah.

Verse by verse, Rabbi Daniel Lapin walks you through the Torah, the Bible, decoding the original Hebrew text via the lens of 3,000 years of ancient Jewish wisdom.  

You’ll work at your own speed and discover yourself starting to recognize the Hebrew letters and words that reveal how the world really works.  

Unit 1 starts with Genesis Chapter 1:1, wending its way through the six days of Creation and culminating with Chapter 2:3, the actual stopping place for this section. It covers many foundational principles that are introduced in the first chapter of Genesis, and is the longest of our courses with 20 half-hour video lessons.

Unit 2, is a 10-lesson course, which focuses on what appears to be a repetition of the Creation tale in Genesis 2:4-24, and why this second viewpoint is vital for successfully navigating our daily lives. 

Also included with each lesson are downloadable pdfs of the graphics shown in each lesson and a study guide for deeper immersion. A short quiz follows each lesson to cement your newfound knowledge. (If you need help, we’ll provide it!) You will be amazed at how much you will learn by listening to the videos, viewing the graphics, and thinking about and discussing the extra material in the study guide. 

Let’s get started!