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Financial Prosperity Collection: The Ten Commandments

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin has shared ancient Jewish wisdom on money with hundreds of thousands of people over the years through his speeches, appearances, books and audio teachings. We regularly meet people and get letters from those who have improved their financial situation by applying the lessons he teaches.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has distilled the messages from his best-selling books and audio teachings into a 10+ hour video course and 56-page downloadable and printable companion workbook.  Embark on a journey that explores ten essential commandments guiding you toward financial abundance and personal growth. 

Each Lesson video will go through one Biblical principle.  At the end of each lesson there will be a few short assessment questions that will review the wisdom learned. The workbook will help you actualize the permanent principles mentioned in the videos, making them more practical and applicable.

In this 10-video course you will learn to:

  • Change the way you think about money and change your life.
  • Turn the ‘daily grind’ into the ‘daily greatness.’
  • Know that making money is more about what you are than what you do.
  • Apply practical and specific strategies to transform your financial destiny.


What People Are Saying:

I've always been told to "work smarter, not harder," by the very people who have been doing the same thing for years and are barely better off than they were a few years back. Well, I'm ready to embody that statement and show them and myself what that looks like. ~ Aaron S. A.

Thank you Rabbi Lapin. You have inspired me to serve my fellow children of God for another 30 years! Your life work is such a blessing to me, my family, and clients. I appreciate you. ~ Marshall B.

Very grateful for this recording which keeps getting better. For years I read/listened to different business gurus etc. but couldn’t relate to their high-octane super hyped-up pitches, focuses on fancy cars as the end goal, suggestions of hacks and gimmicks, and constant upselling, etc. What I’ve found here is a really down-to-earth practical humble assessment of the reality of who we are and what we are here for, and clear simple guidance that I can implement. Here no fancy cars are held out as the incentive to do the work. Rather clear out the messy thinking about making money and be connected with others and make a lot of prosperity for myself, my family and others. Perhaps the following can summarize a takeaway: Earning Prosperously is integral to the Pursuit of Happiness! Thank G-d and thank you. ~Yitzchok D. S.