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Continue your journey through Scrolling through Scripture with

The Book of Ruth: Chorus of Connection

The Book of Ruth presents a compelling story of love, family and redemption. Rather than being a story from the past, Ruth is a roadmap for the present. A 12-session program, it contains messages for our times describing how to build a successful society and how individuals best flourish.


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Scrolling through Scripture - Genesis: Creation Unit 2

Our journey continues as Rabbi Daniel Lapin provides access to God’s deeper meaning in the Bible by exploring the letters and words of the Lord’s Language.

Join Rabbi Daniel Lapin as he guides you through your inspiring adventure in Genesis 2:4-24, decoding the original Hebrew text, verse-by-verse, through the scintillating lens of ancient Jewish wisdom.  

Unit 2 of Scrolling through Scripture focuses on what appears to be a repetition of the Creation tale. It includes the following:

  • Why there seem to be two accounts of Creation.
  • How spelling “mistakes” in the Bible reveal coded material.
  • Why dismissing duplicate language like “eat, you shall eat” as poetic, misses the point. 
  • The spiritual source of many of our physical problems.

Unit 2 delves into the story of creation found in Genesis 2:4 - 24. It builds on the foundational principles revealed in Unit 1.

This course contains 10 lessons.  Each lesson is followed by a short quiz to cement your newfound knowledge. (If you need help, we’ll provide it.) You will receive access to a new lesson after completing the previous quiz; you can make this weekly journey, or move along at your own pace. The course also includes a paired Study Guide to help you (or your small group) go into more depth.The reference slides are also included as PDF that you can download and print.  It provides graphical clarity to some of the ideas and also allows space for note-taking. 

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