Scrolling through Scripture - The Book of Ruth

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One of the best-known and most beloved books of Scripture, the book of Ruth is a compelling story of love, family and redemption. Yet, it is so much more. It is a blueprint for our times, describing how to repair a splintered society and how individuals can best connect and flourish.

Join Rabbi Daniel Lapin as he reveals secrets found in the original Hebrew language and shares thousands of years of practical life lessons found in Ruth.

  • What similar ideas highlight both a good marriage and a good government?
  • What is the connection between fertility and prosperity?
  • Can Seduction and Sanctity co-exist?
  • Why does King David come from a line of rather strange encounters?
  • How do you avoid the pitfalls in charitable giving?
  • Can societies in decline reverse course? How?
  • Can love banish pain and can joy build fortresses?

Rather than just telling a story from the past, the Book of Ruth: Chorus of Connection reveals a roadmap for the present. Starting with economic failure, dysfunctional government, and fractured families, we gain hope and optimism as we follow the tale through its redemptive ending with the birth of David, future king of Israel.

This course contains 12 lessons, filled with graphics that help you see and understand the Hebrew even if you have no knowledge of the language. Move at your own pace and rewatch as often as you like. Each lesson is followed by a short quiz to cement your newfound knowledge. (If you need help, we’ll provide it.) The course also includes a paired Study Guide encouraging you (or your small group) to go into more depth and relate the messages of Ruth to your own life. The reference slides are also included as a PDF, available for downloading and printing.

Let’s get started!

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