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We Happy Warriors is an online membership platform led by Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin. 

Being a Happy Warrior means being devoted to your faith, your family, your finances, your friends and your fitness. It means that you transform timidity to triumph and displace the divided counsels of doubt with the steady eyes and firm hearts of those who know where they are going and just how they are going to get there. Being a happy warrior means being a gentle giant with a huge and humble heart.

We use the phrase because to throw yourself into the fight is one thing, but to do all that with a debonair smile on your face and a jaunty pace to your stride, all while generating an irrepressible surge of happiness welling up in your soul—well, that means you are spiritually grounded in everything that is life-affirming.



Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin Provide You With Over 3,000 Years of Ancient Jewish Wisdom in the Areas That Matter Most In Your Life

  • Family - All aspects of family dynamics, male/female relationships and child raising
  • Financial - The morality of money, revenue growth, profit strategies, partnership power, & tech perils and potential
  • Faith - Spiritual/religious integration & identifying life-purpose
  • Friendship - Nurturing friendship and community
  • Fitness - Taming the body for a more fulfilling life
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What is Membership?

A Basic membership in the We Happy Warriors Community provides added content and additional perks to what is freely available on our website. Our aim continues to be to provide life-enhancing resources of practical value. For only $4.99 a month, members receive:


I started an online business 4 years ago, and I have joined the "We Happy Warriors" community to keep myself informed and meet other Happy Warriors. I am thankful for all the teaching, and I love the husband and wife team approach to communicating.


I recently joined Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s “We Happy Warriors,” after 4 years of listening to him and his wife on their podcast. I joined because I wanted to be a part of a thriving community. I’m ready to start this new journey for myself and my family.


A fortuitous encounter led me to Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Susan Lapin. My "Ask the Rabbi" inquiry led me to their wisdom-filled teachings. The depth of their response, the genuine care in their words, and their dedication to helping others left a lasting impression. I have eagerly immersed myself in their teachings ever since, gaining valuable insights that have enriched my life. I am eternally grateful to them for this. Now, I am pleased to join this community of like-minded people where I hope we can share ideas, offer support, and learn together.


So here we are! The We Happy Warriors community, working collectively on our five-Fs. We are a community of what I consider friends, most of whom have yet to meet one another in person, but friends nonetheless. We’re learning and growing together with one another — lead by the one holy and true God of the Bible in Whom we live and breathe and have our being, and Who orchestrates all things according to His sovereign will.


Enter Our Inner Circle

In addition to all Basic member perks like admission to the community discussions, challenges, podcast archives, Eye on Israel video interviews, and the complete library of weekly blogs and audio blogs, Special Access members join us in a deeper relationship, including:

What's Included In My Membership?

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We Happy Warriors Basic


  • Admission to the We Happy Warriors Community: Exclusive Discussions, Challenges, and more.
  • Unlimited Access to Thought Tools, Susan’s Musings, Ask the Rabbi and Searchable Library (Non-members are limited to reading 3 articles per month.)
  • Audio recordings of weekly teachings
  • The RDL Podcast Discussion Forum
  • Eye on Israel: On the Ground Video Interviews
  • Fully indexed Podcast Library Archives
  • Access to 20 Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Episodes
  • Monthly Deep Dive videos by Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin
  • Chart Your Course - Together With Us (Bonus Videos)
  • Mobile App - Access all your Library and Member Benefits (iOS or Android)

We Happy Warriors Special Access



  • Everything in the Basic Membership
  • Monthly 1-hour LIVE video chats with Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin
  • Complete access to hundreds of Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV episodes
  • Weekly Deep Dive videos by Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin
  • Lapin Lens - Audio commentaries on news stories and current events
  • Full Digital Library ($375+ Value!) including:
    • Ebooks: Aleph-Bet, America's Real War, Buried Treasure, Chart Your Course, Dear Rabbi and Susan, The Holistic You, Thought Tools Volumes 1, 2 & 3
    • Audio Teachings: Biblical Blueprint Set (5 hours Audio), Genesis Journeys Set (8 hours Audio), Prosperity Power: Connect for Succe$$ and Boost Your Income (3 hours), How to Lead Your Own Passover Seder audio set (3 hours)
    • The Art of Making Challah (video)
    • Chart Your Course - Together With Us (Bonus Videos)
  • 15% Store Discount
  • 15% Online Course Discount
  • Plus Bonus Content

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Weekly podcast where Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

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Susan's take on topics ranging from the personal to the political. Also includes Practical Parenting - devoted to wisdom, musings and practical tips for parenting (and grand-parenting), education and homeschooling, and recommended resources.

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Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin select and answer one reader's question each week.

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A weekly short, practical Bible-based teaching in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships & Fitness.

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"I am a Christian, and It has been a blessing to discover Rabbi's podcasts on youtube and spotify. I have listened to many of them for over a year now, purchased some materials from his store, and feel it has been an enormous value to my life and to the lives I've shared this. I only wish I had found this earlier in life, but my hope is to be able to pass on the wisdom and references to those close to me (family and friends). Rabbi, you are now my rabbi, thank you for opening your resources to us Christians."

~ David