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A frequent theme in our books and writings is how being anchored to core values and permanent principles liberates us to adjust to changing  circumstances. Well, we have some changes coming. Two driving forces are leading us to act and to establish a We Happy Warrior Basic level.

The good news first! Our ministry is growing. The challenge? How do we continue to retain the personal, service-oriented relationships we value?

We have prided ourselves on being highly responsive to emails and communication from our listeners, readers, and viewers. As the numbers grow, that takes more and more of our time leaving less time for content creation.

At the same time, we are becoming more wary of using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We do not want to muzzle ourselves to prevent our being “de-platformed” and we are less and less comfortable with being on those sites (that’s the not-so-good news).


Introducing We Happy Warriors Basic

What is We Happy Warriors Basic? It is a member level for a low monthly fee of $4.99. Here is how it works: 

  1. We will continue sending out Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi and Susan, Susan’s Musings, podcast notifications, and new resources and product information via email to those on our mailing list. The podcast will remain available to all through our various podcast platform.
  2. We will intentionally foster a community atmosphere. To that end, we are moving comments away from where they are on rabbidaniellapin.com and to our We Happy Warriors community.  On the new platform, we are no longer going to moderate comments, allowing them to appear immediately and to encourage you to "chat" with each other. We all need more connection these days! Rabbi Daniel Lapin is also looking forward to more robust discussions about his podcasts, right from within the community. 

    We hope that the new monthly We Happy Warrior basic charge  will discourage trolls as only those who join the community will be allowed to comment. We trust you to follow our basic rules of using polite and caring words as you interact with each other.
  3. Non-members will be limited to reading three free articles a month over at www.rabbidaniellapin.com. These can be any combination of Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi, Susan's Musings and Practical Parenting. The podcast will remain available to all. We Happy Warriors Basic members (and Special Access and Plus members) will continue to be able to read all of our mailings and also will receive full access to the library of articles here at We Happy Warriors to search out topics of interest, and submit questions to Ask the Rabbi and Susan.
  4. Basic members will also receive access to 20 key episodes from our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV series in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships and Fitness; and a copy of our free ebook: The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships & Fitness.
  5. Other benefits for joining as a Basic member include monthly Deep Dive videos with Rabbi Daniel and Susan; access to the Rabbi's entire podcast archive (going back to 2015); and a top-notch mobile app for iOS and Android where you can view all of your library content.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the idea that our aim continues to be to provide life-enhancing resources of practical value. We have always promoted the idea that the best way to test whether what one is doing is valuable is to see if people are willing to pay for it. We know that tens of thousands of you receive our mailings. Many of you have been doing so for over a decade. It would certainly provide us with a boost of energy to see that people are  willing to support us through membership in our community. 

We invite you to join us here at We Happy Warriors!

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"I have several of your books and have enjoyed them immensely! I also love your podcasts, and Susan's Musings! I can't wait to read this new Holistic You Ebook! Thank you so much for your willingness to give from your wealth of wisdom and knowledge!"


"I am very happy to have joined Happy Warriors. This is exactly what I was looking for. you are a blessing from God!"


I'm a Christ Follower but the words, "My Rabbi says..." are constantly in my mouth. Thank you for helping me be a better person. So glad to be part of this community.

Ancient Solutions For Modern Problems

We Happy Warriors is an online membership platform lead by Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin. 

We use the phrase Happy Warriors because to throw yourself into the fight is one thing, but to do all that with a debonair smile on your face and a jaunty pace to your stride all while generating an irrepressible surge of happiness welling up in your soul—well, that means you are spiritually grounded in everything that is life-affirming.

It means being devoted to your faith, your family, your finances and your friends. It means that you transform timidity to triumph and displace the divided counsels of doubt with the steady eyes and firm hearts of those who know where they are going and just how they are going to get there. Being a happy warrior means being a gentle giant with a huge and humble heart.

Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin Provide You With Over 3,000 Years of Ancient Jewish Wisdom in the Areas That Matter Most In Your Life

  • Family - All aspects of family dynamics, male/female relationships and child raising

  • Financial - The morality of money, revenue growth, profit strategies, partnership power, & tech perils and potential

  • Faith - Spiritual / religious integration & identifying life-purpose

  • Friendship - Nurturing friendship and community

  • Fitness - Taming the body for a more fulfilling life

We Happy Warriors


Top features

  • Access to the Happy Warriors Community and Private Discussion Board
  • Full Access to Thought Tools, Susan’s Musings, Ask the Rabbi and Practical Parenting Articles and Searchable Library
  • Podcast Discussion Forum
  • Full Access to the Rabbi Daniel Lapin Podcast Archive
  • Access to 20 Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Episodes
  • Monthly videos from our new Deep Dive Series
  • The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships & Fitness (Ebook)
  • Mobile App - Access All Your Library and Member Benefits (iOS or Android)

I am a Christian, and It has been a blessing to discover Rabbi's podcasts on youtube and spotify. I have listened to many of them for over a year now, purchased some materials from his store, and feel it has been an enormous value to my life and to the lives I've shared this. I only wish I had found this earlier in life, but my hope is to be able to pass on the wisdom and references to those close to me (family and friends). Rabbi, you are now my rabbi, thank you for opening your resources to us... 

~ David

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