Even if you don't know the Lord's Language, Hebrew, you can still access the original language of the Bible, delving way deeper than any translation.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin walks you verse by verse through the Torah, the Bible, decoding the original Hebrew text via the lens of ancient Jewish wisdom. Scrolling Through Scripture - Unit 1 focuses on the six days of Creation and Foundational Principles from the beginning of Genesis.

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Scripture Comes to Life!

Watch and listen as Rabbi Lapin delves into foundational principles found in Genesis Chapter 1 - Chapter 2:3, illuminating the deeper meanings of each Hebrew verse, drawing on 3000+ years of ancient Jewish wisdom.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Why there is no conflict between religion and science
  • Why God does not say that the second day of Creation is good
  • Why the first section of Genesis actually concludes only after the first 3 verses of chapter 2
  • What special qualities the Hebrew letters א, ה and ו , possess
  • The unifying theme throughout this account of Creation

Meet Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and, with his wife, Susan, hosts the daily television show Ancient Jewish Wisdom. As one of America’s most eloquent speakers, his ability to extract practical life principles from the Bible and transmit them in a life-changing and captivating manner has brought thousands of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths. Pairing his inheritance as a descendant of a multi-generational rabbinical family with his background in science and business, he teaches ancient Jewish wisdom in an unparalleled manner.

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin coined the phrase ancient Jewish wisdom to describe the oral transmission first conveyed from God to Moses at Mount Sinai. This transmission has been faithfully passed down through the generations and much of it is revealed in the original Hebrew of the Torah. Through his teachings, Rabbi Lapin provides access to all who wish to benefit from this treasure trove.

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Deepen your understanding of the Bible, and receive practical guidance and ancient solutions for today’s modern problems while studying with Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

Scrolling Through Scripture - Unit 1


Expand your understanding of the original Hebrew and what it means today.  Unity 1 focuses on Foundational Principles found in Genesis Chapter 1. There will be approximately 15 lessons. Receive access to a new lesson each week.