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The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Faith, Finances, Friendships and Fitness

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 Is it really possible to change a life of stress into the life of a happy warrior who confronts life’s daily challenges with joy and confidence? The answer is yes, but like attaining anything of value, it isn’t quick and you have to know how to do it. In this book Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin provide the roadmap for this journey.

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This short ebook is the starting line for living a more joyful and tranquil life

It is hard to tackle challenges with joy and confidence when life’s burdens sap one’s freedom and vitality and when each new day seems to present toil and adversity. Transforming turmoil into tranquility means wrestling to integrate the many competing demands made upon one’s only truly limited commodity—time.

What Other Readers Had To Say

"Thank you very much for making your Ebook, The Holistic You, available. I really appreciate it and have read it! It is a small book but it is loaded with huge possibilities and a new way of thinking about even the idea of integrating the facets of my life! Thank you so very much." 

~ Shirley 

"Just finished this quick read. It's the foundation for a great life. I look forward to taking a deeper dive as one of the We Happy Warriors."

~ Clint

"The HOLISTIC YOU is really a timeless wisdom in which it had been relevant since then and ever, as I compare and reflect my own families' life of the grandfather's period as well as my parents'. As I have finished reading it, I say to myself "That's the point that I need to guide me better, I think"...

Meet Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known worldwide as America’s Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, popular international speaker and best-selling author. He hosts the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast and for many years co-hosted the Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show on the TCT network with his wife, Susan. He is one of America’s most eloquent speakers and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner, thus improving peoples’ finances, family, and community life has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths. Pairing his inheritance as a descendant of a multi-generational rabbinical family with his background in science and business, he teaches ancient Jewish wisdom in an unparalleled manner.

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin coined the phrase ancient Jewish wisdom to describe the oral transmission first conveyed from God to Moses at Mount Sinai. This transmission has been faithfully passed down through the generations and much of it is revealed in the original Hebrew of the Torah. Through his teachings, Rabbi Daniel & Susan provide access to all who wish to benefit from this treasure trove.

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Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships & Fitness

By Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin